Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome home

 Welcome Home, has such a sweeter meaning to me now. Jason and I were able to buy our first home this year. We found the perfect one for our family and for a screaming good deal too. Although I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan of the house itself, it has grown on me immensely. This house is also fifty times better than the other houses we've been looking at.  
  The yard is really low maintenance, mainly because There's not a whole lot going on. We've got some fantastic ideas to pretty the place up and make it a great place to hang out. Three trees in the back make amazing shade almost the entire day!
  The house layout is what I've come to love the most. The upstairs with our bedrooms and bathroom is so private, unexpected guests are no stress at all! The front formal room is somewhat on it's own to hide our fabulous life that gets spread around. It's also connected with the family room and kitchen. It's great to be in the same area doing things we need to do.
  We've moved into Viking territory which is happy to me, not so much to my Caveman husband. But it could be worse, we could be in Pioneer territory right? We have a great view of the mountains, we're close to shopping, and have pretty good neighbors. 
 We're excited to have our own space without interferences and look really forward to painting, landscaping, and all kinds of improvements without approvement! We'll be finished putting things up and getting situated soon, and have an open house for friends!

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