Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jeremy

Jeremy had his 3rd birthday on February 8th. We threw a big baseball party for him on the 7th. A lot of his buddies and girlfriends came, along with loads of family. Thank you to everyone that came and thanks for all the gifts, Jeremy isn't favoring the Wall-E as much, he took his baseball gear for a spin and drives the trucks through lego walls. Basically he loves all the gifts-thanks!
If you didn't make it that's a bummer we had a lot of fun, although next year I think I'll go little simpler!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

That's Life

I'll just start with today! I went down to Helper with Jason's family to see Earl, it was one of his dieing wishes to see us. We arrived probably about 11am, and his son answered and told us he passed at 6am this morning. You could see the heartbreak on everyone's faces. We talked with his wife Yvonne, and she seemed to cheer up a lot talking with us.
Earl is the one responsible for getting Jason's family back to church and through the Temple, so in a way he helped me get through the Temple too. Jason calls him his Grandpa, and we miss him, even though I only got to meet him once.
The Funeral is Saturday at 11am so Jason will miss Jeremy's birthday, and I will miss the funeral, but that's life.