Saturday, June 16, 2012

Starting Summer.

My favorite photo of Jeremy in baseball so far. He looks pretty hardcore walking up to the plate. He's on the Pirates this year with some good kids, and a good coach.
We missed the group photo day by two minutes! No body told us about it and we were even early that day! So I just gathered the boys and snapped my own. I at least saved 20 bucks right??
Jeremy in scouts is kinda interesting. It requires listening and persistence. The core values in scouts are going to be great for Jeremy. Let's just hope he really gets into it and enjoys himself. We've already lost his Tiger scouts book!
 At Andrew's baptism. We took an overnight trip out to Vernal with Jamie to support Andrew and bring him back home with us. We're so proud of him, he really blows me away with his knowledge and determination to keep his baptism covenants. He really understands his choice strives to live it. What an amazing young man he's growing into!

Summer solstice is next week, but our summer is well underway around here. Jeremy has started coach pitch T-ball, and he's having quite a bit of fun. He's also started Tiger Cub Scouts in Pleasant grove, and attended a really fun day camp. He was able to shoot a bow and learned to tie some knots. Andrew has just gotten baptized and has come down to visit for two months of summer. We just bought our first home and have finished moving in and we're just about all unpacked and settled in. It's a great home and I think we'll be happy here for a long time! We're really looking forward to Strawberry days next week! They family is coming in town from all over the place and we have many plans for a fun time! We went to the children's parade last year all dressed up as pirates, and found ourselves on the cover of the Strawberry days magazine! Talk about fun!

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