Monday, August 31, 2009

fun family pics

Maddox and Alexis (above)
Jeremy, Korbe, Maddox

Alexis and Danica

Jeremy pulling the ladies, Adrianna, Madison, Alexis, Alysa, Danica

Alysa, Alexis, Danica

I've been fortunate enough lately to have a lot of visits from my nieces and nephews, so I've been snapping pictures, when I can. They are so cute and I love them all!! I enjoy seeing pictures of myself with my cousins and siblings when I was a kid. These are great memories! So here, enjoy!

family fun

We went camping a weekend or so ago, and did a little fishing, My pole hasn't had bait in awhile, Jeremy likes to reel it in so I'm just casting weights most the time, but we knocked em dead that day. Here's me and turtle just getting settled in, we had little chipmunk buddies too

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hogle Zoo

Jeremy in the turtle shell because he is a turtle!
Jeremy being a future Zoo Keeper

Getting Cold


His card he made with Stampin UP!

Jeremy and I tagged along with Auntie Jamie, to the Hogle Zoo. Jamie got to meet her bf's daughter, she is a cutie btw. We had so much fun! It was completely stress free and just fun. Our feet started to throb at the end, and it actually got a little cold (So unexpected!) but worth it.
It was Teddy Bear day, so Jeremy grabbed a Care Bear and he took him along. Stampin Up! and Roberts Crafts were there and gave Jeremy some supplies to make crafts, that was so fun. And we got to see a lot of active animals so it was so fun, I'm glad we went!