Saturday, June 16, 2012


This is a little late, but I guess that's my style. Jeremy went to kindergarten this year and it was pretty fun. He had some ups and downs with friends, school work, and his teacher. It's surprising how much things change as our kids get older and start to have new problems and successes. I hope I can always be there for him, and give him the right advice and words of comfort.
 All ready and out the door. I was such a nutty parent that morning! My first child's first day of kindergarten!!
 Checking out his teacher's sign where he lines up for class.
 Jeremy found his best friend from a year ago, and was super excited. They totally reconnected and started hanging out again. Jeremy was really digging the mo-hawk too.
 The Principal, and Mrs. Hurst welcoming the new students and taking them in. I'm just glad every other parent showed up with a camera and teary eyes too!
This is the last week of school, they did a dance festival. It was so cute, they did the duck dance and he did great and looked cute too. I'm gonna miss this.

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