Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the Spirit of Christmas

Some things that stick out in my mind from my childhood. Lessons that everyone can use, but usually have to learn on their own.
That's me on the end, far left. I was probably about 6 in this photo. We went camping for a family vacation, I think to Fish lake. One of the best trips we took. In the camp ground neighborhood we found 3 girls to play with. I look so bummed in this photo because I didn't want to play with the two girls because they had dark skin, and didn't look like me. I don't remember what my mom said to me, but I remember after that vacation I never treated anyone rudely or unfair because of their skin. I've had a lot of great friends with that change of heart. Just something that has been on my mind lately and that movie makes me appreciate it more. Another thing I'll never forget is when my mom took a handicapped lady under her wing and she joined us for holidays and summer parties. For a kid that can be a little frightening, and I was always quick to be negative or complain. One Christmas, our mom had us all shop for and get her gifts. By now I knew the lady well and wasn't frightened and expected her at family gatherings. She had a few inexpensive gifts from us, compared to our amazing mass of expensive toys we each had wrapped under the tree. I told my mom she didn't get very much and remember feeling really selfish and ashamed that was all we could manage for her. My mom told me that was probably the biggest Christmas she'd ever had in her life. That day was a big change for me. Realizing what my mom was doing for someone that hadn't had anyone in her life that cared or was able to get her a decent Christmas. And how had I treated her all that time? It's these moments when we are at worst that we can change and make different.
I can't remeber many gifts from my childhood. I do remeber clear as day that my mom bought our family friend a dress, and I got her a pack of combs. She loved combs :)

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  1. Wow, that was a deep post. Makes you think huh? I am very grateful for my mom as well. She taught me about acceptance, forgiveness, love, and kindness among other things. And, I married into a family that is not so accepting of other cultures, so it's been a bit of a training exercise for Shane lol. Because my mom would never forgive me if I didn't make sure he knew better!