Monday, November 2, 2009

Deer Hunt

me and the old man in "the bowl"
Skylers buck, right at sunrise, off the road!

My baby's buck, it's all wrapped in the freezer

Jason showing off this dad's kill, he did all the guttin'

These aren't in order at all, but that's OK with me! I went deer hunting with my husband this year! I don't so much like the idea of killing something, but it's my ticket in, so did what had to be done to enjoy a little camping with my husband. We got shunned to a tent, but it turned out to be pretty comfortable. The first day we went out hiking, and the way up I thought was semi-miserable. I had to go slow and catch my breath, but It did feel great to get to the top. Jason complained I talked to much, but out in that beautiful nature with the sun rising made me think a lot about life and how important some things really aren't! Poor Jason, well poor me, there was no trail and it was steep, we went up a mountain!! Well that seemed like a tiptoe through the tulips compared to hiking back down!! The darn truck was still a white dot when we were a third way down! by then my siotic nerve was pinched, my feet were burning like walking on hot sand, and my legs were shaking. We sat for a minute and then continued. It was a rough hike, Jason and I saw one buck just in time to see it jump up and run away, right in front of us.
The next day we just drove,but still nothing, and I had to go home for the week. Jason's dad ended up shooting a 4 point a couple days later, and had to borrow mules to pull it out. Then that next weekend Jason shot one, and Skyler shot one the following morning right as the sun raised. both nice 3 points. I didn't get one but no big deal, like I said i just wanted to camp!
I must explain "the bowl." This was our destination when we started hiking. After each steep hill I'd ask is this the last hill? Jason kept telling me the bowl was just over the next hill. Twenty hills later, mind you these weren't little hills, one was a hairy cliff with slate rocks that like to slid. We did get to the bowl about my breaking point, and we walked all over that thing! That's where we walked upon the buck too. Which was a real bummer, we sat to eat an apple and scope out the location, but didn't really scope. When we left we walked right up on it we barely saw his butt and horns sticking up above it before it was gone. They are really fast!

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